Sunshine Coast Project – Stage 3

Of course the plan is to paint the caravan red and orange! You might have guessed by now that there is a bit of an orange and red theme going on ;-). At the end of an exciting day we planted some (orange flowering) grevilleas to attract the birds that we all love so much.

While working on the caravan this week we also created a little garden bed under the trees which is now home to our bromeliads, tillandsias and orchids. We made use of the old timber fence posts as a sculptural feature element incorporating the air plants.
“It looks and feels so much more like home now.” 

We now have a water tank matching the red container!
Also today the septic system went in. We are making progress which feels great 🙂

010.Site Marked


 Today was the big day of lifting the containers onto the concrete cubes. The first one needed five goes until it sat exactly in the right spot! More crusher dust arrived in the afternoon to make it look more beautiful around (of course we need to spread it out first…)

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