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Modifications or Relocations
Intrastate – Interstate – Overseas

Are you moving house or office? We can supply a 20′ or 40′ weathertight container, for sale to be delivered to your location – you pack it yourself then we will arrange to pickup the loaded container and deliver to your new address.

The container is then yours to use for storage as a garden shed, man cave, ladies craft room or you can modify it for use as an extra room;  put in windows, side door, electricity etc. for guest accommodation.

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For all container sizes – go to – 20′ and 40′ as under

SPEC’s 20′ Dry Cargo Container 40′ Dry Cargo Container
Inside Cubic Capacity 32.8cu.m (1,158 cu.ft) 67.2cu.m (2,372 cu.ft)
Cargo Capacity 21,640 kg (47,716 Ibs.) 26,500 kg (58,433 Ibs.)
Tare weight 2,360 kg (5,204 Ibs.) 3,980 kg (8,776 Ibs.)
Length 6.05m (19.88 ft) 5.90m (19.35 ft) 12.19m (40 ft) 12.01m (39.39 ft)
Width 2.44m (8.00 ft) 2.35m (7.71 ft) 2.44m (8.00 ft) 2.35m (7.71 ft)
Height 2.59m (8.50 ft) 2.38m (7.80 ft) 2.59m (8.50 ft) 2.38m ( 7.80 ft)
Height 2.28m (7.48 ft) 2.28m (7.48 ft)
Width 2.33m (7.64 ft) 2.33m (7.64 ft)
40′ Dry Cargo
Hi-Cube Container
Inside Cubic Capacity 75.9cu.m (2,679 cu.ft)
Cargo Capacity 26,330 kg (58,058 Ibs.)
Tare weight 4,150 kg (9,150 Ibs.)
Length 12.19m (40 ft) 12.01m (39.39 ft)
Width 2.44m (8.00 ft) 2.35m (7.71 ft)
Height 2.90m (9.50 ft) 2.69m (8.82 ft)
Height 2.58m (8.46 ft)

Container Modifications

Modifications are an individual thing;  everyone wants something just a little bit different. For that reason, we don’t keep modified containers in stock, they are built to your personal specifications.

No doubt you have some idea of what you want to achieve, what the container is going to be used for so give us a call and we can help you with design ideas, options and, step by step, help you with the details.

Modificatios – remove containers doors and replace with end panel (with/without window), add windows, add personal access door or glass sliding door or roller door, internal wall partitions, add skylight or whirlybird, add internal insulation panels, power, painting.

We do all the hard work, you add the plumbing, fittings and furniture and make it liveable or useable.

Before & After Modifications


Windows and door added and painted Terrain – used as a craft workshop


The green 20′ container is a weekender on a bush block, customer added a sloping corrugated roof to collect rainwater in a water tank, uses LED lighting, camping gas for cooking and the rest is history, as they say.
Plans to build a patio with sail cover also on the drawing board.