Sunshine Coast Project – Stage 2

The owner put a road up to our hill so that trucks and
normal cars can get up – thank you!
He also left us his 20 heads of Brahman cattle to graze on the land – at least for now.

On 9 October 2015 we became the official “owners” of this beautiful piece of land, even though we see ourselves more like “care takers” of it. We love nature which is the reason we bought it. The plan is to make it a place for wildlife and maybe even a conservation area if possible. We immediately moved our 20″ storage container onto the hill. Weeks before we had painted the container orange and also painstakingly packed it with all of our belongings. We think we will miss our piggy mailbox though.

10 October 2015: we had a “bonfire and bubbles” container warming party with some of our dear friends. To make it easier for everyone to find our place we decided to put a street number on the entry post.

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