FAQ – What truck will deliver my Container?

What size is the truck that will deliver my container?

20′ container – Tilt Tray vehicles generally require a minimum of 3m width to fit into a spot (including the side mirrors and cabin). They usually have a deck height of 1.3m with an overall height of 3.8m when loaded with a standard container.  They need 20 m length clearance and 8 m high to reverse and unload when tilting.

40′ container  – A Super Tilt has a maximum tray length of 14 metres.
The maximum weight allowed to be carried on an Super Tilt is 18 tonne.
The tray width of a Super Tilts is 2.4 metres wide, but can take loads over 3 metres wide.
They need 40 m length clearance and 8 m high to reverse and unload when tilting.

Courtesy Transmech

Options depending on location for delivery:

A side loader needs 4.6m height (15.1ft), 6m  width (19.6ft) and 16m length (53ft) and the container is off-loaded on the drivers side of the vehicle parallel to the truck.

A Hiab, or crane truck, can load to either side or  back or at an angle to the truck.  It needs 4.6m height (15.1ft) for roller door entry and 10m (33ft) for unloading; length 10m (33ft), width 3.5m (11.5ft)



BBQ pool area servery – be quick!

PHONE EVE – 0407 624 650

20′ container, fully lined inside, power, glass sliding door
and container doors still in place for security, if necessary.

Outdoor awning to keep the sun off too.

PRICE ONLY – $8,950.00 +gst – plus delivery ex Brisbane.

Full.SIde.Glass.Door_3202 (3)

Ideal beside the pool for a servery area or a dash inside if it rains……….