Container Home in Georgia USA

This Container Home took 2 years to build due to rainy weather and a small work crew of just 2 men, John A. Bradley originally from Tuskegee, AL and Sherman Murray from Tuskegee, AL.

Some items where contracted out such as the roof, insulation and foundation/concrete slab but everything else was done as Owner Build John and his best friend, Sherman.

The motivation for John building this home for his family was to be off the grid and at least 80% self sufficient by producing his own energy, food , water and housing.

John his wife and son, moved from a 4000 sq. ft. ranch on a basement to this 1500 sq. ft. container home with an upstairs bonus loft area.

John also has a an 80 ft. greenhouse going up, solar panels being connected and will open for tours and volunteers can come and learn at “Bradley’s Serenity Farms” by Summer of 2018.

John is available as a consultant for those who are interested in building a container home as a DIY project of their own.

Credits for the build:

Builders – John A. Bradley and Sherman Murray
Designer – John A. Bradley
Architech/Draftsman – Kevin White of Commerce, GA
Solar panels and Generator – Ralph Mahammad @ Power X Gernerators of Charlotte, NC and Paul (originally of Costa Rica) Charlotte, NC
Containers and modifications – Jenco Sales, Inc. – Robert of Newnan, GA
Photography of the build – Mahdi Uwizeye

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