Container Home Building Info

After his house was affected by the Brisbane floods, builder Todd Miller of ZieglerBuild set about a massive construction project of the scale that belongs in TV shows such as grand designs.

Alongside his artist wife, he designed, planned and built the largest shipping container home in Australia, a mansion style property constructed from 31 individual recycled shipping containers.

Todd had a few key requirements when constructing the building located in Graceville in a post-flood environment:

  • The house had to be constructed upwards, so that it would never again be impacted by another flood,
  • The property had to have an upmarket look that suited the high end Graceville area,
  • The building had to be an authentic and artistic expression of both Todd and Diana’s style,
  • The building had to be cost effective and excellent value for money.

Shipping Container Home




The shipping container home eventually sold under contract for a $1.5 million.




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