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Newbuild containers have done one trip, guaranteed weatherproof and are cargo-worthy

"B" grade or secondhand containers are typically 10-15 years old, 

structurally sound, watertight, verminproof, good floors and door seals,

may show signs of wear and tear, dents and scratches and surface rust

can also be recertified to travel overseas.

"A" grade containers have less dents and scratches and surface rust

and are cosmetically in better condition externally;

generally, these are used for modifications unless a newbuild is specifically requested.

Painted 10'



10' Inside


20' Painted


20' "B" grade, guaranteed weatherproof


40' Painted



40' "B" grade, guaranteed weatherproof





Typical inside


For a guideline of container sizes, go to -

(Manufacturers can vary slightly)