We are pleased to offer the widest composting toilet selection for the home or small workplace environment.


These are the reasons why we are the leading supplier of composting toilets:


Design – Elegance and simplicity. Our toilet pedestals are designed to resemble normal flushing toilets, but without that ugly and wasteful water cistern. We have both conventional and contemporary styled pedestals. There is a choice of timber or solid white seats. The processing is uncomplicated and easy to maintain.

Capacity / flexibility – Nature Loo offers the opportunity to start with a low-cost small scale unit and expand capacity later as your family grows or you permanently move into a house you were previously building. The modular batch system allows the capacity of your system to be expanded by buying an extra chamber, without needing to buy a whole new toilet.

Ease of Installation – Nature Loo offers compact modular split systems (composter under the floor) and good capacity self-contained units (the entire unit is above the floor). We have low profile split system composting toilets requiring just 650 mm clearance between the ground and the bathroom floor. Since many people prefer a split system this is a real design and cost advantage over other manufacturers’ toilets that can require over 1 meter for installation under the floor.

Cost – Nature Loo’s composting toilets with state approvals are typically 30% less expensive than competing toilets that handle the same number of people. We are able to do this because of our economy of scale, and because we use nature to provide heat to accelerate the composting process. This allows us to keep the design of the modular and expandable chambers small and uncomplicated.

Service – Whether you’re looking for assistance in choosing the right composting toilet model for your needs, or optimising the performance of your system, our friendly team is here to help. Just as our products are built to last, so too is our commitment to service. We believe in traditional customer service.


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